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Civil and Liberal Initiative for Peace (CLIP) is an indigenous vision for a peaceful and democratic Afghanistan. We advocate for peace and justice at all levels of the society. We promote equality among men and women. We raise awareness about human rights, civil liberties, justice, democracy and the rule of law. We design projects to enhance the public understanding of what it means to be citizens of a free democratic country. We Unify People. We Promote Peace.
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About Us
We are a group of young Afghan professionals committed to helping Afghanistan move forward on the path of a peaceful liberal democracy. We believe justice and human rights, equality between the genders, pluralism and inclusiveness are all fundamental to peace. We strive to bring the voices of the marginalized and the minorities into the peace process. We advocate for a lasting peace.
Civil & Liberal Initiative For Peace

We Are Clip

Civil and Liberal Initiative for Peace (CLIP) is an Afghan vision for democratic peace building through an Afghan to Afghan free and democratic dialogue. CLIP was established in 2012 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan, and impartial organization to facilitate peace dialogue among different groups and communities, mobilize grassroots peace builders while maintaining a strong focus on socio-economic development, women empowerment, and access to justice. We at CLIP are committed to individual liberty, justice, and peace. We believe peace building and democracy building walk parallel paths. Afghanistan has just returned to the marketplace of ideas in the 21st century. Thanks to Afghanistan’s friends in the international community, Afghans are increasingly becoming aware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of a democratic nation. CLIP has been supporting a vision of democracy and peace shared by a majority of elite and educated Afghans. Afghanistan is a young democratic nation going through the experience and shocks of any young democracy with her own unique challenges.

We welcome media and public inquiries.
Afghans are increasingly becoming aware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of a democratic nation. Thanks to the support of the international community and the sacrifices of Afghan journalists and civil society activists, the Afghan people are increasingly supporting democracy and human rights, gender parity and justice, freedom of religion and the press among other democratic concepts.


Decrease the practice of bad

Responsible Citizenship.

Importance of Participation in democratic Process.


Promote women electoral awareness

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Inclusion of Youth in the Political Process


Woman’s position – Decrease in bad drawing

Elections and Islam

Women’s Rights Guide

Please fill out the contact form or give us a call at 0093 (0) 20 221 1652.
Partners & Donors
Civil and Liberal Initiative for Peace is grateful to the generous support of our donors in the international community. We would not have been able to carry out our mission without your assistance. We are honored to have worked with you. We thank our partners for working with us toward common goals. Civil and Liberal Initiative for Peace is proud to have been a reliable and trustworthy partner.
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Afghanistan National Police
The Asia Foundation
Counterpart International
New Ambition Educational Organization
Health Hygienic organization
Afghan Civil Society's Network
Civil Society & Human Rights